LivePure Hand Sanitizer

1,200.00 1,000.00


LivePure Hand Sanitizer

1,200.00 1,000.00

Product’s Description
Protect yourself from viruses and germs during uncertain times with this the 10 x Pack of 100ml Ha hand Sanitizer.



Product’s Description
Protect yourself from viruses and germs during uncertain times with this the 10 x Pack of 100ml Ha hand Sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is a liquid or gel generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands.[3] Formulations of the alcohol-based type are preferable to hand washing with soap and water in most situations in the healthcare setting.[4][5] It is generally more effective at killing microorganisms and better tolerated than soap and water.[6] Hand washing should still be carried out if contamination can be seen or following the use of the toilet.[7] The general use of non-alcohol based versions has no recommendations.[4] Outside the health care setting, hand washing is generally preferred.[8][9][10] They are also less effective for microorganisms norovirus, and Clostridium difficile.[8] They are available as liquids, gels, and foams.[6]

Alcohol-based versions typically contain some combination of isopropyl alcoholethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol.[6] Versions that contain 60 to 95% alcohol are most effective.[6] Care should be taken as they are flammable.[4] Alcohol-based hand sanitizer works against a variety of microorganisms but not spores.[6] Some versions contain compounds such as glycerol to prevent drying of the skin.[6] Non-alcohol based versions may contain benzalkonium chloride or triclosan


Instant Hand Sanitizer
Kills 99.9% of germs
100ml capacity
Lightweight and portable
Maintaining clean hands is very important in preventing the spread of germs
Kill microorganisms on your hands without irritating or drying your skin out
Use it in your home at your office in the shops or anywhere else you need to quickly sanitize your hands
Comes in a pack of 10

Isopropyl Alcohol
Propolyene Glycol
Vitamin E
Purified Water
Ocimum Sanctum
Curcumin Longa
Melia Azedarach
Essential Oil

Keep away from fire.
Do not use on sensitive areas of the skin.
If skin irritation persists or if swallowed accidentally consult a physician.
Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs rinse thoroughly with water.
Children should use under supervision of an adult.
Package Contents:

10 x 100ml Hand Sanitizers

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